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Welcome to the official CUSA (Corrections USA) website. CUSA is a not-for-profit corporation formed by correctional officers in 1998 to provide national recognition for correctional officers employed by federal, state and local governments and is the leader in the fight against prison privatization on the national level. We work daily to enhance the image of Correctional Officers across the nation. CUSA was the first organization to give out the "Valor Award" to Correctional Officers who have helped make the image of Correctional Officers better through their Brave acts. We proudly represent over 80,000 publicly employed correctional officers from across this nation. Corrections USA is not a labor organization and does not get involved in the collective bargaining process at any level of government.


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NEW!  2017 CORRECTIONS USA CONFERENCE - February 6th - February 8th 2017
Our Annual CUSA Conference will take place at the Harrah's Hotel Las Vegas on February 6-8, 2017. Honoring the men and women who patrol the toughest beat in law enforcement, our nation's professional Correctional Officers! Everyday day in our nation, Correctional Officers go above and beyond the call of duty to protect the safety of the public. It's time we recognize these courageous men and women. The medal of Valor Awards ceremony for 2016 winners will take place at this 2017 CUSA Conference.


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Furious Corrections Officers Flood Statehouse Courtyard in Christie Masks
By Max Pizarro | 11/16/15 12:14pm


TRENTON – At first it looked like a remake of Ben Affleck’s The Town, that movie wherein burglars in rubber masks lay siege to the streets, but this was actually a case of the guys in charge of locking up those guys taking to the streets in masks – their donned faces of choice unmistakably a matter of very pointed politics.

Bearing coffins and wearing Chris Christie masks, livid corrections officers stormed the plaza outside the Statehouse Annex this morning demanding that the legislature revisit a workman’s compensation bill that would give their ranks full disability benefits.

Christie last week vetoed S-929/A-1908, a bill sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3), who wants to succeed the sitting Republican in the governor’s mansion.

Today, corrections officers led by labor leader Lance Lopez, president of PBA Local 105, made the case that Democrats need to revisit the legislation, override the governor’s absolute veto, and secure 100% workers’ compensation for corrections officers hurt in the line of duty.

“You’ve got friends in the Democratic caucus,” said Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-20), who spoke onstage along with Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-7).

But the workers and their leaders made it known they want more than friends. They want action, and they want it now. “Push our bill! Push our bill! Push our bill!” the chants sounded in the packed courtyard.

The officers roundly jeered and booed whenever anyone invoked Christie’s name. Several of them sported masks and wore t-shirts adorned with an image of Christie lookalikes serving as the pallbearers at the funeral of a corrections officer. They seethed over Christie’s appearances as a presidential candidate in states like Texas and Florida – which guarantee full disability benefits to corrections officers – while vetoing A-1908 in his home state.

What the hell is wrong with that man? He can’t be president of the United States, he can’t even take care of New Jersey,” roared one speaker.

Lopez objected to Christie’s campaign trail argument that President Barack Obama is weak on crime even governor deprives of corrections officers their basic rights.

Furious Correction Officers


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